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Your smile says a lot about you.

In fact, it’s one of the first things people notice, and it has the ability to draw people closer to one another. A beautiful smile is one of the most important things about you – AACD

Yes thats right — your smile has the power to enlighten someone’s life. It’s stronger than words; it’s as individual as your fingerprint.

Your smile is unique to you.

But that’s not the case for everyone.

Some have struggled with their smile, resulting in a lack of confidence and identity.

What has caused some to feel that way?

Is it your smile?

Missing, ill-shaped, or misaligned teeth have been the leading factors as to why many feel they cannot be themselves. It causes a decrease in confidence and individuality; a sad reality that has caused people to stop smiling.

That is not acceptable – to you or us.

Your smile is important, and that’s why Braintree Dental Studio holds firm to the promise to create beautiful smiles —smiles crafted for you.

A Smile Crafted For You

Everyone is individual, and this plays a vital role in the dental industry.

Because of the advance in technology in the dentistry field, there are many ways to help people regain their smile and their true self, and their success stories are out there for all to see. Still, the dental industry is changing like never before, and with the advances in technology and restorative, cosmetic surgery, Braintree Dental Studio and the team can make a huge impact on the lives of their patients.

What has upped the game, as it were?

Going digital.

“Digital is changing the entire profession forever. Those techniques that we have been used to, can now be done better, easier and with more predictability and accuracy than our current methods.” — Dr Jameel Gardee

By using a digitally enhanced dental strategy, the dental industry is now able to create and design your perfect smile using a system called DSD.

What is DSD?

DSD (short for Digital Smile Design) is a multipurpose conceptual dental treatment that significantly enhances the planning and creation of patient treatment. In short, DSD is a digital platform that dentists can utilise to create the perfect outcome for their patients.

DSD involves digital video, photography, and creativity to design the ideal aesthetic for each patient as an individual. It is used to capture the individual as a whole, the way they smile, their personality, their face structure, and more in order to obtain the perfect outcomes.

Design, Communicate, Emotive, Integrate – that’s the philosophy.

Digital Smile Design For You

It’s all about your smile. Using DSD, dentists will be able to work side-by-side with you to design your dream smile —one that works for you.

Using DSD will help you:

> Be a part of your own treatment

You will be able to plan and construct the very nature of your smile with your dentist. It’s a hands-on, team effort; you will be guided and encouraged to have an impact on your future.

> Envision your perfect smile

The whole DSD concept allows you to see the outcome before any treatment is given. This means you will be able to see your new, beautiful smile and how it will look like before the real work is done.

> Start smiling again

Having a beautiful smile crafted and constructed around you will surely bring about the best outcomes and the best in you. Because you are the co-designer of your own smile, you can wear it with confidence, being the person you are on the inside.

It’s time to show how beautiful you are! Let your smile enhance your inner self, giving you the strength and individuality you’ve always wanted. You can so now’s the time be great, love yourself and show the world the real you through your smile. You Deserve It.

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