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We’ve built our reputation on going the extra mile. For us, it’s always about you. Your care, your comfort, your complete experience. Here are just a few of our patients’ stories…

Watch Karen's Story - Composite Veneers

Karen came to us with worries of teeth alignment, worn edges and a missing tooth.

Her smile knocked her confidence, and she was constantly conscious about her appearance.

After a consultation, Dr Anup Ladva advised the best treatment would be composite veneers as this would be a less destructive option for the teeth and would give Karen the natural smile that she desired.

Karen said that she felt very comfortable and happy during her treatment, and she was well informed throughout the process. Karen stated that she has received many compliments about how natural her smile looks and how much it has boosted her confidence.

Compliments and confidence what more could you want about your smile!

Watch Chloe's Story - Invisalign, Whitening and Composite Edge Bonding

Chloe came to us with concerns of the colour and alignment of her teeth. With her wedding being around the corner, of course we wanted to help and get her ready for her big day!

At her consultation, Dr Kunal Shah considered the time frame as well as Chloe’s job role when recommending treatments. It was suggested that Chloe complete an Invisalign treatment, paired with whitening and then some composite edge bonding.

This was the best method of treatment for Chloe, due to Invisalign being very discreet as well as making the perfect natural smile that she wanted.

Chloe came to us after seeing recommendations on Facebook. Chloe is very glad she did as with her new smile she gained more confidence and was able to have the perfect wedding photos that she dreamed of!

Have you got a big event coming up?

Watch Makelle's Story - Invisalign and Whitening

Makelle decided to visit us after contemplating for a while if she wanted to improve her smile and align her teeth. Makelles main concern was the gap in between her front teeth.

On consultation, Dr Antony Power discussed with Makelle her options that would create a more symmetrical and whiter smile.

The treatment that was decided on was an Invisalign package which had whitening included to give Makelle the perfect smile that she dreamed of.

After treatment was complete, Makelle mentioned she loved how discreet and easy the process was but also how professional her teeth look.

Makelle was so “over the moon” with her results that her sister even decided to get treatment! She is now more confident and happier than ever!”

Watch Bushra's Story - Invisalign White and Edge Bonding

Bushra came to us with concerns of alignment and colour of his teeth but mainly wanted to tidy up his smile!

Upon consultation Dr Anup Ladva decided the best plan of action would be Invisalign. This would align his teeth and then the next step was to whiten.

After the alignment and whitening of his teeth we went in with some composite edge bonding. This finalised a perfect smile that he loved!
Bushra said that the process was straight forward and easy to complete.

We used non-invasive 3D scanning equipment to make the impressions a nicer experience for him.

Bushra has said he would recommend this process to anyone as his smile is more than he had hoped for! Why don’t you start your journey today and book an appointment?

Watch Sacha's Story - Invisalign and Whitening

Sacha came to us after worries of uneven gums as well as the alignment of her teeth. Sacha found that her smile knocked her confidence and that she would shy away from any cameras as she was always conscious of her smile not looking how she would like.

As part of the process Dr Anup Ladva decided to align her teeth and carry out gum surgery in the places she felt her gums were uneven. We then used whitening to brighten Sacha’s smile. For the final steps Dr Anup Ladva added some composite edge bonding to improve the teeth shape. Sacha said the gum surgery was pain free and has made a huge change to her confidence.

Sacha left feeling happy and confident with her smile and now has a constant smile in every picture!

Watch Jatin's Story - Smile Makeover Porcelain Veneers and Crowns.

Jatin decided to visit us after having some broken crowns that were 30 years old and needed replacing. He was experiencing some pain and the teeth were very uneven.

Dr Kunal Shah had a consultation with Jatin, this is where they discussed the treatment plan. Dr Kunal Shah then went on to plan the new smile giving examples of how the smile would look once all finished.

Jatin has said he was very impressed with Dr Kunal Shah as he was very informative and had a soft hand. Dr Kunal Shah also checked in the next day over the phone to make sure everything was well and Jatin was happy with his new smile.

We promise to keep you happy and informed throughout every treatment!

Watch Ellie's Story - Nervous Patient, General Dentistry Composite Fillings

Ellie being a nervous patient came to us after she was told she needed to have some teeth removed.

After looking at Ellie’s teeth, Dr Anup Ladva decided an extraction wasn’t necessary and we would carry out a root canal treatment. Ellie was concerned that root canal would be painful, but Dr Anup Ladva reassured her throughout the treatment and advised that it was the best option for her due to her being so young.

After the treatment was complete Ellie said the treatment wasn’t painful as she originally thought, and she was over the moon with the results. She was happy Dr Anup Ladva advised what was best for her and she felt she was in a very calm, relaxed environment here.

Our relaxed environment makes for a calm and comforting team which is always more relaxing for our patients.

Watch Daniel's Story - Whitening, Implants and Composite

Daniel came to us after complaining of broken and painful teeth.

After assessing Daniel’s teeth, Dr Anup Ladva advised the best option would be to remove the broken teeth and replace them. We used implants to replace the missing teeth and whitening to give him a crisp white smile. We then replaced all current silver fillings with new white ones, this helped the overall smile whiter and brighter giving him a lot more confidence.

Daniel said his experience was fantastic and professional. He also said his function is a lot better now, being able to chew without pain and stated he would recommend Dr Ladva to his entire family so they can have a happy smile and nice teeth like he now has.

We will provide you with the best advice to give you the smile you have always dreamed of!

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