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Moving The Sinus For A Dental Implant

Sinus lift surgery is essential if you have insufficient bone in your upper jaw to support implants. We offer swift, effective sinus lifts with lasting results. Sinus lifts, also known as sinus augmentations, are used to increase the bone height of your upper jaw. As dental implants gain in popularity, some patients find that they do not have enough healthy bone in their upper jaw to restore their teeth with implants.

Do I Need A Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift surgery is a form of bone augmentation, whereby bone is added below your sinuses, moving or lifting your sinus tissue in the process to accommodate the new bone. After several months, the bone will have developed sufficiently to accommodate dental implants, ensuring that your jaw has strong foundations to support new teeth.

There are various reasons why sinus augmentation may be necessary for certain patients. Sinus shapes and sizes can differ greatly between individuals. What’s more, the upper jaw has less bone than the lower one; the positioning of your sinuses could mean that your bone height is insufficient for implants.

Tooth loss, gum disease, injuries and wearing dentures can all lead to a deterioration in bone volume over time. Therefore, many patients who have had previous problems with their dental health tend to have a higher chance of requiring sinus lifts than others.

Sinus Lift Specialists

Braintree Dental Studio offer quality bone augmentation services, offering fast and effective sinus lifts to prepare you for dental implants. We provide expert advice on oral surgery, and use the latest technology including 3D scanning to deliver the best possible results for your sinus augmentation.

We’ll also provide ongoing support to ensure the successful development of new bone. And when you’re ready to have your dental implant surgery you can have confidence that our dentists will deliver fantastic results.

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