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Tired Of Wearing Dentures? Want A More Natural, Permanent Smile? Implant Retained Dentures Are The Perfect Solutions?

For many people, wearing dentures on a day-to-day basis can be an uncomfortable experience. Loose or ill-fitting dentures not only lead to sore spots, they can also reduce your confidence and make occasions such as eating out less pleasant. Implant retained dentures are the perfect alternative for patients with missing teeth, fixing your dentures securely in place for a more comfortable, natural experience.

Why Choose Implant Retained Dentures?

Braintree Dental Studio offers fixed denture services, giving you the confidence to live life to the full without worrying about your teeth.

Implant retained dentures are fixtures held in place with several implants, for a permanent smile that improves speech, makes it easier to chew, and can protect your jaw from further bone loss.

This is a simple, more affordable procedure than an implant bridge, ideal for anyone who experiences discomfort wearing removable dentures. Implant retained dentures are fixed securely in place with implants. As a result, many patients report feeling like they are firmly secured, improving their quality of life by boosting their confidence and reducing the limitations on their lifestyle.

Our Treatments

At Braintree Dental Studio, we understand the importance of your smile. Our professional dental team offers a tailored service for patients thinking of getting dental implants – we can recommend a cost-effective, lasting solution for you.

We combine our expertise with the latest dental equipment to achieve flawless results, without having to undergo tooth replacement or more extensive implant bridging. What’s more, we provide ongoing aftercare to ensure that your oral health and hygiene get the attention they require.

Discover what a difference fixed dentures can make to your lifestyle. To arrange your free consultation with one of our dentists, get in touch with Braintree Dental Studio today.

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