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Dental Implants In Essex

The loss of a tooth can have a profound impact on your self-esteem, let alone the well-being of your mouth. But there’s no need to suffer oral discomfort needlessly.

Our Teeth Implant Options

Dental implants, which are surgically placed into the jawbone, help to fill in the gaps by acting as a firm foundation for replacement teeth. They look and feel just like real teeth, and they allow you to speak and eat just as you would with your own. They will even integrate into the bone to anchor crowns and bridges in place, ensuring a natural attachment that’s both comfortable and long lasting.

Implant dentistry can be carried out on virtually any patient, as long as they have good overall oral health and enough bone to support their new fixture(s) – and today’s implant techniques ensure that the insertion process is smooth and causes minimal discomfort.

Patients can choose to replace one single tooth, or opt for implant retained dentures if their problems are more widespread. These are secure fixtures that can be used to address not only missing teeth, but also the issues caused by loose or ill-fitting traditional dentures. They are designed to improve speech, make it easier to chew food, and protect the jaw from further bone loss.

Our Approach

Understandably, many of our patients are nervous about undergoing a dental implant procedure. But you can rest assured that our dental implant specialists in Braintree will work tirelessly to ensure your time in the dentist’s chair is as stress-free as possible (and passes more quickly than you ever imagined!).

In the first instance, our experienced Essex-based dentists will talk to you about your concerns and discuss the role that dental implants can play in your cosmetic makeover. Once they have agreed on a suitable treatment plan, they will fit the required implants or dentures, then organise ongoing aftercare to ensure these fixtures continue to perform as they should and are kept in top condition in the coming weeks, months and years. They can even discuss an ongoing payment plan with you, if cost is a concern.

Book a free consultation with one of our teeth implant experts in Braintree today, and discover how the innovation solutions available from our studio could boost your confidence and dramatically improve your quality of life.

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