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General Dentistry

Stay On Top Of Your Oral Health

Our General Dentistry Treatments

General Dentistry In Essex

Braintree Dental Studio offers general dentistry services to patients who want to stay on top of their oral health, or address issues as and when they arise.

A warm welcome

From regular check-ups and hygiene assessments to specific treatments for snoring problems and other sleep-related disorders, our qualified dentists in Essex can handle any and all of your teeth and jaw-related concerns quickly, efficiently and with a friendly, reassuring smile. All assessments and treatments will take place in our bright, modern studio under the watchful eye of our experienced dentists, dental nurses and support staff.

We are highly experienced in administering The Wand, a device that distributes local anaesthetic to the precise area that’s being treated. The Wand plays an instrumental role in putting our patients’ minds at ease, and it’s particularly in demand amongst adults and children who have perhaps had negative experiences of dentistry services in the past and are worried that history will repeat itself this time around.

If you’re feeling nervous about your upcoming visit to Braintree Dental Studio, or want to enjoy the effects of a more controlled anaesthetic that will numb one specific area instead of the whole of your face, enquire today to learn more about the incredible benefits of The Wand!

Alternatively, we can provide IV sedation to leave you in a deeply relaxed state while your dental treatment is being carried out. This is a particularly good option if you require a lengthier or more complicated procedure.

About TMJ

A Common Cause Of Dental Problems In Our Patients

Experiencing headaches, or pain in your jaw? Struggling to open your mouth comfortably to eat and speak? You could be suffering from TMJ, which is short for Temporomandibular Joints. This condition occurs when the joints in and around your mouth are not correctly aligned with the skull, or have started to degenerate.

Treatment for TMJ is fairly straightforward, and normally involves a tried-and-tested 4 step process. If you’d like to discuss your options in more detail, book in for a free consultation with one of our Braintree dentists today.

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