Thread Lift

Say Goodbye To That Weary, Sunken Look

Youthful Facial Rejuvenation

Within the celebrity world, facelifts are all the rage. Even in Essex, many people consider facelifts as a solution to rid of their tired, ageing skin. But is there a way to rejuvenate your youth and say goodbye to that weary, sunken look?

Let us introduce you to The Thread Lift: a non-surgical, non-invasive facial aesthetic treatment that brings shape and energy back into your look.

What is involved in a Thread Lift?

Thread lifts are surgically designed threads that are carefully implemented into the face and cheeks. Skilled clinicians use a fine needle to insert these threads into the desired areas, allowing them to take effect and lift sagging, ageing skin.

The threads used here at Braintree Dental Studio in Essex are called PDO Threads. They are expertly engineered threads made from polydioxanone – a medical material that has been used by clinicians for decades.

After these threads have been injected into the skin, patients will notice an immediate effect; their skin and face will look and feel vibrant and youthful, and the aged and worn skin from before will be a thing of the past.

The real beauty of PDO threads is that they dissolve into the skin and help with the natural production of collagen for a long period of time. This means your skin will remain lifted and youthful for months after the thread lift procedure.

What areas are treated by a Thread Lift?

  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines)
  • Lower eye area
  • Sagging neck and jawline
  • Jowls

How long do Thread Lifts last?

Because PDO thread lifts encourage the natural production of collagen over a period of time, your skin will continue to look and feel energised, lifted, and young. Therefore, the effects last for a couple of years.

Are Thread Lifts safe?

Carried out by an experienced and professional clinician, such as our very own Pat Popat, thread lifts are a safe, non-surgical alternative to facelifts. Like all procedures, though, there are potential risks. But if you do your research and choose a clinical professional, thread lifts are safe and effective.

The potential side effects of Thread Lifts

The side effects that have been reported are all treatable and well taken care of by the clinician, so after experiencing such side effects, patients have been able to carry on as normal and enjoy the benefits of the thread lift treatment.

Some patients have experienced a mild infection develop in the areas where the thread was inserted. This can be treated by prescribed antibiotics and clears up relatively quickly. Other side effects that have been reported are small pockets of blood underneath the skin or scarring of the skin.

The rare case of the threads raising to the top so as to be visible underneath the skin has been reported. If that happens, professional clinicians will act accordingly to trim or replace these threads.

Clinical professionals will always be there if any of these side effects occur, so you can rest assured that you will experience the very best treatment possible.

Thread Lifts for you

Do you wish to have firmer, tighter, younger looking skin but detest the idea of having a surgical facelift? Then get in touch with us.

At Braintree Dental Studio in Essex, we truly believe that every patient deserves to look and feel wonderful. Our mission is to create and sustain beautiful outcomes for everyone. So why not give us a call today?

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