Why it’s so important to make sure your personal details are up to date with our practice

Why it’s so important to make sure your personal details are up to date with our practice

Like all clinics, we keep information about our clients on file.

This is because we need to be able to identify you quickly and accurately while you’re in our care. We also need to make sure that any treatments we administer will not clash with the medications you’re taking, or exacerbate any conditions you may already have.

Why do we need to have the right details on file?

Having the right details to hand is important to us for a number of reasons.

Most importantly, we need to make sure the information we have on file regarding your health is always up to date. This is because we can only suggest the correct treatment path for you once we have received an accurate picture of your medical history and assessed any risk factors that may already be present.

In some instances, we may need to share this information with third parties, such as your doctor or another relevant health professional, to ensure continuity of care. In rarer cases, we may be required by law to provide your details to a government agency or a claims company. Supplying them with incomplete or inaccurate data could compromise their investigations.

How we capture data

If you’re new to Braintree Dental Studio, you will be asked to complete a Patient Medical History form as soon as you step into the practice.

If you prefer, you can download the Form online, fill it in and then bring it with you to your first consultation or appointment.

What if things change?

If any of your personal details change, you need to tell us straightaway.

We kindly ask you to contact us in the first instance if we need to amend any of the following details on our database:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your telephone number and/or mobile number
  • Your GP’s details

You’ll also need to let us know if you have been diagnosed with a chronic or long-term illness, or you have started or stopped a course of medication.

How to contact us

You can reach our reception team by calling 01376 569090; a member of staff will happily take your new details and update your file. Alternatively, you can write to us at Unit 4, The Square, Notley Green, Great Notley, Braintree, Essex, CM77 7WW.

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