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Bone Augmentation Allows You To Have A Dental Implant In Areas Where Bones Has Been Lost.

To achieve the best possible results from dental implants, it’s essential to have a healthy bone structure in your jaw to support new teeth. However, not everyone has sufficient volume of bone to support implants, in which case bone grafting surgery – also known as bone augmentation – may be necessary. Daunting though it might sound, nowadays bone grafting is a routine procedure.

What Is Bone Grafting?

Performed by a professional dentist with the right tools and expertise, it should be a swift, painless operation that lays the foundations for a healthier smile. Our team is professionally trained in bone augmentation, offering effective treatment for those in need of bone grafting.

If you’ve lost a tooth over the past few years – either naturally or from tooth extraction – it can lead to the deterioration of the bone beneath. Bone grafting involves rebuilding your jawbone, either with your own bone or using synthetic materials.

The method used will depend on the severity of your bone loss; small amounts of bone can be taken from other areas of your mouth, such as your chin or wisdom tooth area.

However, in more severe or long-term cases of bone loss, matter may need to be taken from other areas of the body. Alternatively, synthetic implants or DNA technology can be used for bone augmentation.

Our Approach

Braintree Dental Studio takes a holistic approach to the oral health of our patients. Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to give you expert advice on the best options available if you’re hoping to restore your smile with dental implants. We’ll walk you through the options available – including bone grafting if applicable – and offer the highest standard of treatment if you decide to go ahead.

After your treatment, we’ll continue to support you as your bone develops, with regular check ups to monitor your progress, and guidance on the next steps to take. Our dentists are here to help you achieve a smile you can be proud of, with long-lasting results.

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