Inman Aligner

Do you reminise about having straight teeth? The Inman Aligner in Essex could be for you!

Are you regretful that you didn’t get your teeth straightened in your younger days but can’t bear the thought of ugly traintrack braces now?

Or are you one of many who are generally unhappy with the alignment of your teeth and longing for a beautiful, straight smile?

Braintree Dental Studio is delighted to add Inman Aligner Teeth Straightening system to its wide variety of treatments! This revolutionary concept sees protruding or crowded teeth transformed in a matter of weeks!

The Inman Aligner in Essex is a removable appliance using revolutionary materials with two spring loaded aligning bars that fit easily over the front teeth. It is a simple, safe and quick way to align the teeth, with most cases being complete within 10 to 16 weeks.

Unlike a regular brace, the Inman Aligner provides a constant gentle pressure on the teeth, easing them into place far more quickly than conventional ‘train track’ orthodontics. The procedure is absolutely safe with more than 20,000 cases having been completed worldwide.

Inman Aligner treatment typically takes between 6 to 16 weeks. Simple cases may be completed in little over 1 month. More complex cases might take up to 4 months or longer. After your initial consultation with our Dentists we will be able to give you a realistic guide of what to expect. Normally lower front teeth move a little faster than uppers.

Inman Aligner benefits:

  • Is an alternative to fixed braces (train tracks) and other types of invisible braces.
  • Allows you to achieve great results in a matter of weeks.
  • Can give you a wonderful smile without the need for expensive veneer preparations.
  • Can be removed and inserted easily.
  • Only needs to be worn 18 hours a day.

Quick results

  • Safe – since only gentle forces are placed on the teeth there are no recorded cases of teeth dying or experiencing root damage with the Inman Aligner
  • Suitable for both adults and children under 18 who do not qualify for NHS orthodontics.

Like any orthodontic appliance, the Aligner can feel a little uncomfortable for the first few days. After a week most patients are used to their Aligner and have no problems wearing it. Your speech will be affected for the first few days but improve quickly.

The Inman Aligner has proven highly efficient and when a case is suitable, it works much faster than alternative orthodontics techniques. Inman Aligner Essex is now available at Braintree Dental Studio. To find out if you are suitable for this treatment, please call and arrange an appointment with our team.

About Orthodontics

Orthodontics is an area of dentistry focused on building beautiful straight smiles by bringing teeth, lips, and jaws into proper alignment. Straight teeth function better, are easier to clean, and are more likely to last your lifetime. An attractive smile is also a wonderful asset of Orthodontic treatment. A pleasing appearance is an essential component of your self-esteem and a person’s self-image will often improve after treatment. In this way, Orthodontics can benefit your social, professional and overall attitude towards life. Call now or book on line for the Inman Aligner Essex.

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