General Dentistry in Essex

General Dentistry in Essex

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We can all remember those childhood trips to the dentist. We remember sitting in the waiting room, all wide-eyed as we watched the fish in the tank or looking at posters. And we can remember the comfy chair and the big sticker you get after “being brave” and listening to the dentist.

But as we get a little older (and a little wiser), we begin to realise the importance of taking care of our teeth, and those regular trips to the dentist become somewhat daunting.

Still, without those frequent trips to our dental practice, we can pretty much say goodbye to a healthy mouth and great quality of life. Keeping our oral health on track prevents a multitude of problems. That’s why the dental industry is there to provide us with the best standard of care, and it is known worldwide that regular trips to the dentist help prevent disease and other serious consequences that come from neglecting our teeth.

In Essex alone, the most popular health practitioner is the general dentist. And at Braintree Dental Studio in Essex, we see this first hand. That’s why we believe that the standard of care for our patients is paramount. Because general dentistry is so popular, we need to keep our practice at the best level it could possibly be.

So, what is it that makes the dentist so popular? What does a general dentist do, exactly?

General Dentistry – What is it?

A general dentist is your overall oral healthcare provider. They are your first port of call when experiencing any niggles, pains, or worries regarding your teeth, and they are the guys you go to for those regular check-ups. They help prevent, diagnose, and treat any issues and concerns, and they advise you on your general oral health.

They do not usually administer specialised treatment. Any treatment outside the general border of oral healthcare requires a dentist with specialist interest or a specialist. But a general dentist will be able to diagnose and refer patients to the appropriate specialising team if they so require. At Braintree Dental Studio we a lucky that many of our team have specialist interests and some are even on the way to being GDC specialists.

General dentists in Essex and all over the country will provide you with:

  • Preventative care – By having regular checks with your dentist, you will save yourself from possible oral issues that develop from neglected oral health. General dentists will run regular checks, such as x-rays, hygiene checks, restorations checks, and more in order to prevent ruin. They will also inform and guide you with information on how to take good care of your teeth.
  • Restorative treatment – In many cases, general dentists will restore and revitalise your oral health. When a problem is found, such as decay, chips, or irregularities, they will offer treatments and solutions in a timely manner.
  • Cosmetic enhancement – Many may not realise it, but general dentists can help you get that smile you’ve so often dreamed about! They offer cosmetic treatment that will enhance your day-to-day life, including teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, and smile makeovers.
  • General oral health concerns – General dentists will help you with any other questions and concerns you have about your oral health and will be able to provide practical assistance as well as a prescription to the hygiene team to maintain your oral health.

General Dentistry for You

As mentioned before, the general dentist is the most popular health practitioner – not just in Essex – but worldwide. Because our teeth are important to us, we want to get them checked regularly.

How regular? Dentists advise us to make routine visits every 6 months. But if you feel any pain, discomfort, or have any issues, always make sure to pop into the dentist to get it looked at.

At Braintree Dental Studio, we truly believe that general dentistry services in Essex should be delivered in a professional, yet personable way. We want our patients to feel extra special, even on just those regular general visits to the dentist.

Be sure to pop by sometime! Make your general check-up feel more than just routine with our warm and welcoming services. We’ll even throw in a “well done” sticker for you at the end of your appointment if you wish.

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