Dental Implant Gallery

This patient had a bridge done at another practice that she was unhappy with so we provided an implant and porcelain crown. This patient now has the confidence to smile again.

This patient had a missing tooth that was visible when she smiled this affected her confidence in having photos taken or even smiling so she came to us for help, we provided her with a single tooth implant and gave her the confidence to smile in her photos again!

This patient was unhappy with the colour of her teeth, her missing tooth and the spaces in between her teeth. After a consultation we decided the best treatment for her was a single tooth implant and veneers, all in time for her wedding.

This patient had a baby tooth still present which unfortunatley had to be removed, leaving her with a gap that she did not like we gave her an implant to fulfill her smile.

This patient came to us with a missing tooth that she wanted replaced so we provided the patient with an implant.

This patient had multiple missing teeth that she found affected her chewing efficiency and her confidence to smile so we provided an implant bridge replacing the 3 teeth that she had lost.

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