White Fillings

Improving Your Smile

Restore decay without unsightly amalgam ‘silver’ fillings

Unsightly silver amalgam fillings can now be a thing of the past with the latest generation of modern white, tooth coloured fillings. They can be shade matched making them virtually invisible so nobody but you needs to know you’ve even had any dental treatment!

A filling is a restorative material used to artificially return the function and integrity to a tooth after decay. White Fillings enable you to maintain your beautiful white smile even if you require treatment.

We provide white fillings for patients as they are mercury-free, can be shade matched to your natural tooth colour and require less removal of your tooth structure meaning more of your natural tooth can be preserved. Older style amalgam fillings require more of the natural tooth structure to be removed in order for the silver amalgam filling to be placed making the tooth structure weaker and more susceptible to breakage. These can be replaced with white fillings that are glued into place.

Did you know:

White fillings aren’t only used to restore dental decay they can correct a variety of different dental situations such as closing spaces in between teeth, improving the aesthetics of your smile by repairing chipped teeth and they can even be used to cover discoloured patches on teeth instead of cutting away more tooth structure to place veneers/crowns making this restorative material more cost effective than using veneers/crowns, and also less destructive to the natural tooth meaning the long term result is more predictable.  – Call now to book your consultation to give your smile a new lease of life. Our team are always dedicated to helping you achieve your dream smile.

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